The conference will take place at La vieille Perrotine, a CNRS leisure center at Oléron, an island on the west coast of France, close to the city of La Rochelle.


By flight

The largest international airport is Paris' Charles de Gaulle. From there take the RER B line to Chatêlet-Les Halles and change to line 4 to Gare de Montparnasse. There, you should take a direct TGV train to La Rochelle.

La Rochelle's airport serves certain european cities, mostly in the UK. There are city buses and taxis from the airport to the La Rochelle SNCF train station

By train

The closest TGV train station is La Rochelle. The price of a one-way ticket is between 40 and 70 euros.

From La Rochelle TGV to the conference site

We have organised buses, which will depart from La Rochelle SNCF train station at 17:45 and 19:00 on 5 June (The place indicated with the red mark in this map is where the buses will be parked; look for the logo of the conference) and bring participants to the conference site (here is a list of the trains from Paris to La Rochelle on Sunday). Please arrange your travel plans accordingly. If you are unable to arrive in time, please write the organisers at modeltheory2011NOSPAM(at)math(dot)univ-lyon1(dot)fr, with details of your arrival time. We might be able to organise another bus later if there is considerable demand.

Alternate solutions to reach Oléron island


There is very scarce public transportation from La Rochelle to Oleron. Bus Les Mouettes provides a limited service, and they have an express bus. Participants who cannot used the shuttle buses above are advised to take the train from Paris to Surgeres and then bus line 6 Express to Oléron. Please note that this bus will bring you to Saint-Pierre d'Oleron, not to the center itself (6 Km away).


A taxi from La Rochelle to Oléron will be approximately 90 euros if you contact one of the following taxi companies: Taxi Donias (, TaxiOléron (, or Taxi Valérie ( or Please state that the price was fixed beforehand by the CAES CNRS.

Ferry boat

The ferry boat company Littoral Express serves the connection between La Rochelle's port and Boyardville's port, which is located about 7kms from the venue. The schedule depends on the sea conditions. From Boyardville, we can have a shuttle bus if notified on advance.

From the conference site to La Rochelle

We will have shuttle buses after breakfast to drop all participants at La Rochelle TGV on Sat 11 June by 10h30 (here is a schedule of the trains to Paris). If necessary, an earlier bus will depart for those who need to catch the first train to Paris. Please mark so at the registration form.

How to buy your train tickets if you live outside of France?

The easiest way is to buy it through your travel agent. You can also buy it online by going here. Some trains (the id-TGV) use electronic tickets, which you just need to print out. Most trains however, are operated by the SNCF and do not use electronic tickets. You will need to pick up your ticket at the train station. Please be aware that if you do not have a French credit card, you will have to stand in line to obtain your ticket, and this might take a little time. Make sure to bring the same credit card as the one you made the reservation with. And to write down carefully your reservation number.